loft hatch installation

Loft Solutions North Wales Ltd install a range of excellent quality loft hatches to suit all. All of our loft hatches meet current building regulations. We offer loft hatch replacements, loft hatch enlargements and modifications and relocation of loft hatches.

There are many benefits to having a new loft hatch installed, predominantly because they are energy efficient and stop draughts and they create easy and safe access into your loft!

Please note that if you are having a new ladder installed you will need a hinged (drop down) loft hatch and not one that you push up. The reason for this is that when the new ladder is installed it will be positioned above the loft entrance (please see image above), meaning that the push up ones will not be suitable as there is no where to push the loft hatch up. Hence, all the loft hatches we install are the hinged, drop down ones so there are no issues with this.


New Loft Hatch / Loft Hatch Replacement

We will install a new hinged drop down loft hatch that meets all current Regulation and Standards Compliance including Part L, BS 5250 and NHBC. These hatches are compatible with all the ladders that we use. In addition, the loft hatches are insulated and have an anti draught and vapour seal.


Loft Hatch Enlargement / Modifications

We are able to enlarge or modify your loft hatch area if your loft hatch is too small for convenient use or if you would prefer a bigger hatch. Our specialist fitter will enlarge your loft opening, this will entail cutting through any necessary joists, re-trimming with timber and restructuring to building regulations, and may require some plastering work. Please note that the older the house is the more difficult this can be. This will all be discussed during your survey.


Relocation of Loft Hatch

If your loft hatch is in the wrong place we can relocate to a different area or reposition it. Similar to the enlargement this will require cutting through the ceiling and any necessary joists, re-trimming with timber and may require some plastering work around the hatch area. All this will be done to comply with current building regulations.