Need to create more storage space in your home?

Boarding your loft for storage is one of the best ways to create space in your home. If you have insulation in your loft, then you can't use it for storage without having boarding, or you'll squash the insulation and reduce its efficiency. That’s why we use the LoftZone StoreFloor raised loft system, which gives you an area of loft storage whilst protecting and enhancing your insulation. It does not squash or damage your insulation and prevents dampness and condensation. Additionally, it can add value to your home and create up to 50% more floor space.

This system is the only one of its kind approved for use by the BBA (British Board of Agrément), the leading body in construction. It's also suitable for new build homes — it won't void your NHBC new build warranty (please see below for more information)! You can board as much or as little of your loft as you like so that you can create the exact storage space you require. Our loft boarding package includes all boards (we use 18mm chipboard) and can even be fitted around obstructions in your loft. Simply put, it's the best system out there, professionally installed at your convenience!




The only system that is approved by the BBA and won’t void your NHBC new build warranty.

Like any part of a building, lofts are subject to strict regulations that architects, specifiers and builders need to meet. The British Board of Agrément (BBA) is the UK’s leading Government certification body for building products and projects. Their certification and inspection services are recognised by building control, local authorities, industry insurers and builders alike, and after testing for the strength of the raised deck, ease of installation and other issues such as avoiding heat loss and condensation, they awarded a certificate for raised loft flooring to LoftZone. It is the only product on the market to have this, and you can view the certificate on the official LoftZone website!  

In addition, for new build houses, an important thing is the warranty. There are many warranty providers but the market leader is the NHBC. The NHBC has confirmed in writing that using our raised loft boarding system does not affect their warranty.        

Lifetime Guarantee

We are that confident in the Loftzone Storefloor product that we offer a lifetime guarantee with all of our loft boarding packages. The system is suitable for both traditional and new build properties! Moreover, it is the strongest system on the market (and has been tested up to 500kg per square metre). Traditional methods of loft boarding can cause damage to your property, this is partly due to the heavy timber used and through condensation accumulation and damp. Additionally, if the floor is not raised sufficiently the insulation is then squashed. If you squash your insulation from the Government recommended 270mm down to a joist height of 100mm then research shows its performance reduces by 50%. This is massive! That’s why LoftZone Storefloor has been designed to eradicate all of these issues and is the best system on the market!

lifetime guarantee

lifetime guarantee


Loft Shelving

As well as loft boarding we also offer loft shelving! This enables you to have even more storage space in your loft! All shelving is bespoke and made to measure. You can choose to have this down one side of your loft or have both done! Whichever you choose loft shelving will really make a difference to your loft and create so much more storage space.