The best way to board your loft

LoftZone StoreFloor creates a lightweight, incredibly strong system of raised beams that supports a safe deck above your insulation. It's ideal to create safe access to equipment in your loft, or simply to give you storage space. It's fully tested to BBA regulations.

Other installers may use heavy timber frames, which can void your warranty and are too heavy for ceiling joists. We use LoftZone StoreFloor as it's lightweight and a much better insulator too - keeping your heating bills down!

The following outlines just some of the system’s benefits:

  • It will protect and enhance your existing insulation unlike most other loft boarding methods. It does not squash or damage your insulation, and prevents timber joist dampness.

  • It is the only system that will not void your NHBC new build warranty.

  • It is the strongest system on the market (tested up to 500kg per m2).

  • The system has successfully passed extreme temperature tests given that UK lofts experience freezing cold and punishing hot temperatures.

  • It adds value to your home and it can create up to 50% more floor space.

  • It reduces heat loss and helps save on energy bills.

  • As mentioned above it is the ONLY loft boarding system in the UK with the necessary BBA certification.  

We are the authorised LoftZone installers in North and Mid Wales.  Our team specialises in loft boarding, fitting loft hatches and any loft clearance or loft ladder work that might be required.

LoftZone StoreFloor Authorised Installer.PNG